AvaTherapy is a cloud-based environment available patients 24×7 so that patients can enter their feelings and responses while they are relaxed and in the comfort of their own environment.
Researchers control the therapeutic methodologies any patient is exposed to including cognitive behavior, positive psychology, operant conditioning and psychoanalysis. Other treatment methodologies can be easily added to the system.


Data collection is via website or mobile phone at intervals set by the therapist or researcher.
Continuous monitoring of a patient’s progress as alerts help therapist and researchers know

  • When a patient’s mood spikes
  • If the patient uses controversial language in their Journal
  • Very good or poor response to various treatments and training modules

Life skills training sessions included and available to all patients including: Self Image improvement, Healthy Relationship Skills, Attitude toward Risk / Reward improvement and Self-Management / Goal Setting Skills.
The enormous data collected about symptoms and life skills will provide the mental health care community a richer understanding of comorbidity.