Sheri Osborn, Founder, Inventor 

Sheri Osborn, the inventor of AvaTherapy and AvaTherapy RAS. Previously she spent more than 5 years in a variety of leadership roles to deliver airborne ground penetrating radar solutions to locales stricken with landmines and unexploded ordinance. Prior to her technology for social benefit career shift, she spent 15 years as a strategist for emerging technologies for Adobe, Symantec, BroadVision and other technology companies.



Kevin Osborn, Chief Therapeutic Officer 

Mr. Osborn has 15 years experience in the treatment of mental and emotional problems, suicide and crisis intervention, addiction recovery, health strategies, and recovery from dysfunctional family backgrounds.  Previously he held a variety of leadership positions over 20 years with high-technology electronics companies: Hitachi, Western Digital managing multimillion dollar licensing deals.




Morris Chubb, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Chubb has over twenty plus years experience as a senior financial executive and consultant with expertise in all facets of accounting and financial management in publicly traded entities, pre-IPO companies, and not-for-profit organizations. He has negotiating and closed complex transactions (M&A) and technology transfers and is skilled in preparing and presenting operational results and strategic plans to boards of directors and venture capital firms. He has overseen legal, HR, IT and admin functions in various companies.



Bill Boll, Infrastructure/Architecture

William Boll – Technologies, 25+ years in IT leadership culminating that he co-founded & sold 3 companies averaging 31x ROI including one to General Motors for $70M; another to CBS Sports for $12M and another to National Group [Canada] for $ 9.6M.