• Do You Have Life Efficacy? Do You Have Life Efficacy?

    LIFE   adjective  \ˈlīf\   Vivacity, animation, liveliness, vitality, verve, high spirits, exuberance, zest

    EFFICACY   noun \ˈe-fi-kê-sē\The power to produce an effect; effectiveness, success, productiveness, potency, power; benefit, advantage, value, virtue, usefulness

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  • Introducing AvaTherapy Introducing AvaTherapy

    An anonymous, safe and engaging Virtual Reality System that teaches users the necessary skills to successfully navigate life changes and challenges.

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  • What is  AvaTherapy? What is AvaTherapy?

    A place to learn how to

    …cope with negative emotions

    …learn healthy behaviors

    … have  healthy relationships

    … set goals and achieve them

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  • The Problem is Staggering The Problem is Staggering

    $100 billion/year spent on substance abuse.

    26 million American workers chemical have a dependency.

    The divorce rate in America almost 50%.

  • Life Efficacy for You Life Efficacy for You

    When faced with stressful life events or challenges:

    You can cope and even thrive

    See challenges as opportunities

    Grow and flourish.

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AvaTherapy - Conquer life challenges and unleash your potential

AvaTherapy Competitive Edge

Your workforce is healthier and more resilient to challenges. AvaTherapy offers life skill training along with help for negative behaviors and emotions. Productivity goes up and costs go down.

The AvaTherapy Framework

AvaTherapy™ RAS is built on the AvaTherapy Framework and enables unprecedented levels of insight and patient connectivity about emotional state and mental healthcare therapeutic treatment regimes.

How do I Change?

The way I behave is determined by “Who I think I am.” For example; if I believe I am “cool” then I act cool, but if I think I am a “Jerk” then I act like a jerk. It is not complicated, just normal for all human beings to be what we are.

Welcome to AvaTrends

Welcome to AvaTherapy, a safe, anonymous, comfortable service that takes place in virtual reality, providing guidance to the best self-help resources for your specific challenges. You begin by talking with a virtual coach (or “avatar”) who will listen to your current issue (whether anxiety, sleep issues, addiction problems, etc.) then lead you to the best self-help content for your needs and preferences.